How to vote in the Nationwide AGM

How to vote in the Nationwide AGM

We are advising all members to vote AGAINST all resolutions and AGAINST the re-election of the board in protest of the treatment of members by the leadership of Nationwide.

For more information, please see our press releases from

The 2024 AGM is online only – if you are a member (most customers of Nationwide are members), you can attend the AGM virtually at 11am on Wednesday 17th July.

You may have received an AGM ballot by post or an invitation to vote by email.

However if you can’t attend, or haven’t received a voting communication, you can still request your voting codes over email and submit your vote online in advance of the AGM on Wednesday 17th July.

How to request voting codes to enter the AGM voting website

1/ Visit the Nationwide website at and click on “Vote now”

2/ (A) Click (A) “Can’t find your voting codes?” to reveal an extra section – then (B) click “Don’t know your voting codes?”

3/ (A) Enter your email address, (B) the random generated code and (C) click “Request Security Code”

4/ You will get a confirmation page asking you to check you email.

5/ (A) Open your email and then (B) Click the link labelled “click on this unique link”

6/ The link will direct you back to the Nationwide AGM site, and your voting codes will be pre-populated. Just click the “Login” button to enter the voting site.

7/ You will now be able to vote. We recommend voting AGAINST all proposed resolutions and AGAINST the re-election of all board members.

8/ At the end of the process – you are asked who you’d like to act as your proxy at the meeting. You can assign this to the chair of the meeting, or assign your preferences to another member who will be attending the meeting.

How to vote in the Nationwide AGM

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  1. Please send me the forms by post as I have disability and can’t do the tasks itemized above thanks

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